After I Submit My Application

After we receive your application, we will work to match a Sheltie  to your family.  The individuals processing the applications are volunteers with families, jobs, and pets of their own, it may take 1-3 weeks to work through your application.

Our shelties are housed in private, caring volunteer foster homes throughout the state. You may request consideration for a particular sheltie, or we can suggest a few shelties that match your your home and lifestyle. We will help you make arrangements with the foster caregiver to meet the sheltie. Please respect our advice and knowledge of the sheltie’s personality. The fact that we know the individual sheltie and its personality, quirks and drives is one of the greatest benefits that you gain from adopting a sheltie from SRCI.

As you work through the adoption process, please understand that our first and PRIMARY concern is the happiness and welfare of the shelties in our care, and in placing them into loving, permanent homes. We work to match each sheltie to the appropriate environment and lifestyle necessary for keeping her/him happy and healthy.