Can You Help Our Seniors?

Meet our Senior Foster dogs. These dogs are all older shelties and will remain in our Foster Home system for the rest of their lives or until we find their forever home. We are very proud of the fact that we do not turn down an aging sheltie.

The thing is we don't have enough foster homes and we constantly need more and more homes to house our adoptable dogs, let alone our Senior Fosters. Many of these dogs that spend the rest of their lives in foster homes have medical bills which sometimes exceed the $1000 mark. A lot of them have nothing wrong with them except their age. We believe that every sheltie deserves a forever home and if we can’t find someone to take our older dogs, we will provide a pillow for them to rest their heads until it is time for them to leave this world

We need your help! And if you cannot provide a Foster Home for any of our Senior Shelties perhaps you can donate to help with the cost of their medical bills.

Just look to your left and click onto our "Donate" button. You will be able to specify what you are donating for by putting "Senior Foster Project" in the blank or just enter the name of the Senior Sheltie you want to help.

Thanks and know your dollars will go far in helping out with the needs of a Senior Foster.